• Jarrett Carlston

Dan Le Batard and Papi Close the Curtain in Final Show on ESPN

It was business as usual with Bomani Jones accompanying Dan Le Batard in his final show on the Disney owned ESPN sports network. They started off the show with your typical Monday morning takes on the NFL's weekend action and ripping into Doug Pederson for tanking and handing the NFC East to The Washington Football Team. Papi Dan's ESL speaking father and hero of the too cool for school handshake was there towards the end for the send off. This was to be Dan's final show on the network after a decade of laughs, takes, pranks and games of Si or No. While the parting was said to be mutual the writing was on the wall after during layoffs ESPN parted ways with Chris Cote who was a friend and producer of the Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz which aired on ESPN Radio. Not only was Le Batard furious that he was not even consulted nor made aware of the decision until the axe had fallen he took it upon himself to hire Cote back and pay his salary out of his own pocket as a show of defiance to the network. This show helped launch many careers to a lot of familiar faces gracing ESPN in different capacities. I will definitely be looking to fill a void with Dan Le Batard's new podcast but it will never be the same. It will never be that anything goes, sports isn't sacred, hell just wing it freedom so needed in a talking head climate where people are shouting at each other on who has the hottest take. Hell, half the time the show was more about cat videos than it was sports and that's why we loved it. Thank you to the entire Highly Questionable staff past and present for a decade of service. Now how the heck am I supposed to know what to watch every night? Below you can watch Dan's heartfelt farewell speech.

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