• Jarrett Carlston

Let's Be Real

Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan. Anyone in my age group wanted to be like Mike. I will also answer the question because yes I am a homer. I love Steph Curry. I was also the same dude that was pissed when we traded Monta Ellis. Bad ankles. I own that, also why I am here and not behind the decision making.

Steph is being Steph and challenging Bradley Beal for the scoring title. Back to MJ. I watched all of the commercials and still have the wings poster in my house. In my grown up state I have watched Kobe, Lebron and I'll even throw Dwayne Wade out there as some of the best to do it. None of them have Curry's feel and feed. Game changer.

So with the play in game on the line we deal with Steph carrying a team. Dray is Dray Wiggins shows up. Oubre is hurt. Steve Kerr can only do so much. This is the year and the moment Steph shows his MJ like greatness. Sorry Monta I said it.

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