• Jarrett Carlston

Out With A Thud the Pac 12

(AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

As the most ridiculous (jab at the rankings committee) and unfortunate season in college football (in my lifetime) comes to a slow halt the nation was tuned in Friday night to the ever fading Pac 12 in some form of a made up championship game involving the 13th ranked USC Trojans and the lucky to be there Oregon Ducks. As the Ducks danced around the field after their 31-24 upset victory in the silence of an empty 100,000 seat Los Angles Memorial Coliseum which hosted the 84 summer games and many more notable events I couldn't help but feel a sense of where do we go from here. The Ducks with a record hardly worthy of the Redbox Bowl let alone the Pac 12 Championship got the nod after Washington the rightful competitor was forced to step aside due to covid restrictions. The Trojans did nothing to help themselves as they constantly stepped on their own throats with one bad decision and bonehead play after another. Hats off to Oregon they won the game but to watch them dance and shout 2 in a row seemed full of irony at best. It was a fitting end to a season where every school, AD, coach and athlete did what they could to get a season in, much respect for that.

So where do we go from here? A USC win would of at least got them in the conversation for adding a Pac 12 team into the mix for the college football playoff based on being a power 5 school but definitely not on strength of schedule. While I personally feel they are undeserving and the Bearcats of Cincinnati are far more deserving than I don't know a 2 loss Florida SEC darling or an Iowa St. team also boasting 2 losses. The Pac 12 is once again left without any sort of national relevance rolling into a slimmed down for good reason bowl season. Without having a team in the New Years day bowl spotlight the Pac 12 is going to continue to decline in recruiting which may not hurt USC or Oregon but will definitely trickle down to the ASU's, Arizona's and the Cal's of the conference. The Sunbelt conference cancelled their championship matchup between Coastal Carolina and Louisiana-Laffeyette in order to protect Coastal Carolina who had a member of a position group test positive for covid deeming the group ineligible through contact tracing. Coastal is currently ranked 9 four spots ahead of USC as of the time of this article. Should the Pac 12 have cancelled the championship game? Well no the Orange 76 gas people were paying to see it and honestly USC should have handled business. So once again we'll be watching a bowl season where the Pac 12 is irrelevant.

At least while not the Pac 12 we still have San Jose St. Go Spartans.

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