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Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all

Photo: Sky News

Sorry for the click bait but you're here.

I know everyone is expecting this to be a bash piece. Tiger is at it again. At this point we all know about the crash that left Tiger Woods upside down and being extracted by the jaws of life this morning. I'll admit I was like you, I almost assumed he was off his rocker and wrecked another car. Nobody knows and honestly I don't care. That's what made me think about not only who Tiger Woods is but the pro athelete in general. We sometimes forget whether you're an average fan or a journalist these are all still humans. Charles Barkley in his day said it best "I am not a role model." We make mistakes, I have and god bless you if you think you haven't but you're wrong, you have.

So where does this leave us? Where does this leave us as fans and idols of atheletes? Who are they really to us? They say sports can unite a country and it absouletly has the World Cup the Olympics, NASCAR might be a stetch but I like it.

I'll just flat out say it. Tiger Woods is this generations Michael Jackson. I'm going to catch heat for this but hear me out. Tiger was groomed at a very young age to be nothing but a golfer. He was five and getting interviewed by Bryant Gumble (here) on the Today Show before I was alive. Where was Michael when he was 5? Getting groomed to be something that he really didn't have a say in. Tiger wanted to be a golfer, Michael wanted to be a singer but where do we seperate the two? How do we seperate the athelete from the human? Where is taking a knee crossing a line of what you believe and expect the athelete, and let's be honest the artist, to be what you have pictured in your head and not what is actually a human's life?

I am human, you are human and regardless of your income we all make mistakes. We need to treat the pro athelte as such. I'm not saying they don't have a role to play they do. Barry Bonds wasn't the kindest and we idolized him across the country. We all tuned in. Steph Curry is a role model he is great but if he makes a mistake I'm not burning his jersey I'm just remembering he is a human.

I and hopefuly you wish Tiger a safe recovery.

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